About PRIDE Centric Resources

In 1989... In 1989, a small group of dealers set out to develop the premier marketing and procurement company in the food service equipment and supplies industry. These dealers wanted to go beyond what was currently being done in the industry and the result is PRIDE.
Member Owned... PRIDE is a shareholder-owned organization comprised of over 125 food service equipment and supplies businesses from around the United States, Canada and the Cayman Islands. It connects our shareholders with our preferred suppliers to promote commerce between them. PRIDE also provides several valuable marketing, financing, and information technology services for its shareholders.
First Choice...
Buying Power Combining your purchases with 125 dealers from all over the United States will result in more than you imagined. Because PRIDE is owned and managed by its dealers, there are no individual owners or outside managers to divert PRIDE revenues away from the shareholders. A large selection of equipment, supplies, furniture, and disposables from a wide variety of suppliers allows PRIDE dealers to satisfy most customer needs.
Networking PRIDE hosts dealer and supplier conferences twice a year. These conferences are a great way to increase sales, to enhance marketing efforts, and to provide networking opportunities. Choices among several marketing and technology forums create opportunities to learn new skills and brainstorm with other dealers. The dealer roundtable discussions and regional peer group meetings are a great forum for voicing opinions and discussing thoughts on the industry.
Financial Management A large, significantly sized organization must be run like one. In this area, PRIDE excels. With the support of the highly skilled Information Technology department, the Financial Department maximizes potential revenue in many ways through its high degree of organization. With our streamlined technology we are able to provide faster payments, faster financing, and better rebate tracking.
Marketing The mainstay of your business. All firms are faced with the challenge of presenting themselves in the marketplace in a unique or distinguishable fashion. The PRIDE Marketing Department, with four Senior Graphic Designers, simplifies that goal, performing all tasks on an in-house basis at a significantly reduced cost – by professionals for professionals.
Technology The role of technology in operating your business, in today’s fast changing business environment, is indeed critical and growing in importance. While all companies invest at varying levels in this area, most dealers do not have the financial or personnel resources to develop and acquire the technology to be considered state-of-the-art. The effective utilization of technology will enhance your dealership’s credibility in the marketplace and add incremental sales, while assisting in managing your cost structure. PRIDE provides Website Management, B2B Selling, E-mail Hosting, online access to PRIDE Preferred Supplier deal sheets and PRIDE daily email communications.
Training How and what to sell. PRIDE has developed a variety of formal training programs for shareholder principals and their staff that fits each person and provides them the knowledge to help them all be the future leaders in the foodservice industry. PRIDE also hosts regional sales training sessions for dealer sales reps and other personnel with our PRIDE Preferred Suppliers.